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  • Single Head Precision Electrolyte Filling Machine
Single Head Precision Electrolyte Filling Machine

Single Head Precision Electrolyte Filling Machine

  • Model: PEFM-10
  • Product description: Pouch Cell Assembly Equipments,Full set of Pouch cell production solutions



Technical Parameters

PEFM-10 is suitable for all kinds of liquid media in high-end micro-liquid precision measurement such as medicine, electrolyte, acid, solvent, dairy products, glue, reagents and other industries. The high-precision electric metering pump uses the connection of the coupling and the stepper motor to drive the reciprocating rotation of the plunger rod in the ceramic cavity, forming a reciprocating valve direction switch between the liquid inlet and the liquid outlet. So as to achieve the goal of accurately controlling the liquid medium inlet and outlet.

1. Suitable for high-end micro-precision liquid medium metering filling, adding, pouring, spraying, and marking. The valveless design is adopted, the flow rate is extremely stable, and the flow accuracy is within ±3‰. *The pump core material is made of special industrial ceramics (zirconia ZrO₂, alumina Al₂O₃), which has the characteristics of high-strength anti-wear, anti-acid corrosion, high temperature resistance and long service life.

2. With anti-chemical reaction, the contact medium is ceramic.

3. The pump core and pump sleeve are processed by the combination of nanotechnology and gel injection molding technology. The microstructure is uniform and the density is extremely high. The matching precision is extremely high, achieving self-sealing, self-lubricating ceramic technology, without the need for additional seals and lubricants.

4. The pump casing and parts mechanism are equipped with acid resistance, alkali resistance, etc., which can adapt to the measurement of various liquid environments with harsh environments.

5. The design structure is a positive displacement plunger structure, reciprocating rotation operation, adjusting the stroke length/rotation period to change the flow rate.

6. No waste, no bubbles, no leakage, no liquid, no blockage.

7. Powerful system, multi-capacity and multi-speed selection, can change the reverse transmission liquid immediately.

8. No dynamic seals and wearing parts, plunger rods with moving parts, simple maintenance.

9. Use imported programmable controller and touch screen man-machine dialogue, convenient parameter setting, stable and reliable performance.

10. The liquid can be measured and injected according to the set parameters. When the specified liquid volume is reached, the measurement is automatically stopped.

11. Standard communication interface, can be used independently or convenient to communicate with PLC or industrial computer.

12. The actual amount of liquid calculated by the operator according to production is: Q total (total liquid count) = Q stroke (stroke amount) * N stroke (number of strokes)

13. It can be set with functional modes such as positive pumping/drawing/drawing amount/delay measurement/standby cleaning/productivity counting.

14. The whole machine has small and exquisite appearance, elegant appearance, flexible use, simple operation, stable operation, safe and reliable.


Two years limited warranty and lifetime support


Rotating reciprocating positive displacement special ceramic injection pump


1-800 rpm, According to system configuration and fluid characteristics

For battery industry, 60-200rpm is best

Stroke number

1-9999times, According to system configuration and fluid characteristics

Filling range

0-2.4ml adjustable

Filling accuracy

Within 2‰

Source voltage

AC110V/220V, 50/60HZ Single phase



Dimension (L*W*H)

Controller box : L×W×H 295×215×157mm

Filling device : L×W×H 201×125×147mm