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  • Fine Grinding Equipment Roller Ball Mill
Fine Grinding Equipment Roller Ball Mill

Fine Grinding Equipment Roller Ball Mill

  • Model: GERBM-10
  • Product description: Fine Grinding Equipment Roller Ball Mill



Technical Parameters

GERBM-10 Lab roll ball mill is a kind of equipment used for ultra-fine grinding and mixing for laboratory and small batch production. The machine is the preferred equipment for scientific research, education, experiment, and production due to its advantages such as elegant and fashion design, compact structure, easy operation, high efficiency, and uniform granularity. It is widely applied to industries of electronic material, magnetic material, biological medicine, ceramic glaze, metal powder, nonmetallic minerals, new materials, and etc.

Application of GERBM-10

1.Geology and Mineralogy: rock, gravel, sand, minerals

2.Ceramics: porcelain, sintered ceramics, clay, fireclay

3.Chemistry: pesticides, fertilizers, salts, inorganic and organic materials

4.Biology: plants, leaves, freeze-dried samples

5.Pharmaceuticals: ophthalmological agents, gels, creams, extracts, drugs, pastes, dragees, tablets

6.Metallurgy: ores, sinters

7.Material technology: pigments, precious materials, new materials, alloys, mechanical alloying and activating

8.Analysis preparation: spectroscopy, X-ray fluorescence, X-ray structure analysis, chromatography

1. Compact structure, easy operation

2. High efficiency and uniform granularity

3. Milling pot in different sizes can be put on the driven rubber roller within a certain range by means of adjusting space between the rubber rollers.

4. It is convenient to change pots and suitable for both wet and dry grinding.

5. More kinds of sample material can be ground each time.

6. It can be operated intermittently or continuously.

7. Timing can be set as per users’ needs.

8. Suitable for ultrafine grinding with high efficiency of pulverizing.

9. The rubber roller is made of special materials and durable in use.

Dimension/Weight L845m*H435mm*H270mm43KG
Motor Specification
Y0.75-4B3/Speed can be adjusted
Specification of Frequency Converter 0.75kw/220V
Rotation Speed Range 6-0-570rpm+-10
Adjustable Space between Rollers 120mm
Space between Stations 340mm
Max Load Per Jar 80KG
Volume of Matched Jar 10-15L